VOCALOID-Seijakuno Kyoku-OC

Tadan!!!!!! This boy is:

静寂の 曲 Seijakuno Kyoku (canción silenciosa /Song of silence)
My own (no very original) vocaloid. yep!Because everybody made their fanmade vocaloids and I wanted to make one. 

Kyoku is special because he haven´t got seiyu or vocal library, he is mute. Yep, a vocaloid mute, very weird XDDD (In the futur maybe I will explain why)

Kyoku is inspired on the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (yep, I´m obsessed whit this tale). For this reason he is white hair and red eyes and his favourite food is carrots. But he have fangs as the Cheshire cat. He can be calm as a rabbit or savage as a cat.

▌▌▌ If you want tou are FREE FOR USE this design. Don´t need ask me permission. ▌▌▌
The only condition is:
-no use on/for:

▌VOCALOID © Yamaha
▌Seijakuno Kyoku © Vtophya
▌Art by Vtophya

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