OC-Bloody Shadows: Gesshoku-

Colour pencils and Photoshop

Other character from a old original story "bloody shadows.

Another vampire character.

Gesshoku = 月食 = lunar eclipse 

He is the Naga´s master. 

He looks as a little boy but he is extremely cruel,without scruples, with no qualms... like a demon. 

His eyes are cold, He never say what he is think and his past is a mistery.
But He isn´t a ordinary vampire. His blood is ancient. He is a powerfull and solitary vampire. 

He despises everything, humans are only food for him. But for some reason He created to Nagareboshi. 

Nagareboshi was his slave. He treated him as a dog. But a day, his doggy escaped.

He will never allow anyone to steal anything from his property and if somebody try, that person will be destroyed.

Now, Gesshoku is searching him: 
"Wherever you may be I will find you. Remember, you are only mine."

AGE: ??
slave: Nagareboshi

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